There is a dilemma usually arises while you are going to choose the best blender brand which would serve and solve your blending needs. In providing this kitchen appliance numerous blender brands all around the world are competing to offer you the classic one. We have researched some brand in this sector.  However, we selected those blender brands whose have gained faith and reliance through their attribute of products and services. Now I would like to discuss blender brands in details. Hope that you will gather a thorough idea about which one is the best blender brand for you?


Vitamix is the founder of the kitchen appliance called blender, on the go. Because the founder of Vitamix W.G. Barnard in 1937 for the first time introduced a tool called “The Blender”. It was a blender with a stainless steel jar.

It is private a company founded in 1921 which produced high-performance blenders with upgraded technology. Their aim to reach individual consumers, the restaurant, and the hospitality industry. In the current generation, Vitamix is a peak-performance blender maker according to viewers considerations. Vitamix has a series of products to serve customer according to their choice, ability etc.


Vitamix’s designs build, assembles and test products at their headquarters in Ohio, USA. They follow strict rules with a view to defending producing substandard blenders, spare parts etc and counterfeit.  This company uses sturdy materials such as metals that enhance the durability and sturdiness of the blending machines.

Vitamix blenders are powerful with the energy-saving motor. This energy-saving motor regulates speed and optimizes torque. Stainless steel blades and some accessories enhance the usability of the devices. A variety of food ingredients can be blend with their premium engineering element in the machine.

Vitamix Company provides the 7-year warranty on their appliance. Which includes damage to parts, performance, and shipping both ways. All along these positive sides, there are some drawbacks also.  You should think about the price of their product because Vitamix blending machines are very expensive. Price range is between $359 to $600 depending on the type of series and the outlet you are buying from. One of the famous Vitamix series blending machine is the Vitamix 5200.

In addition, Vitamix company published a recipe book named “The Vitamix Cookbook: 250 Delicious Whole Food Recipes to Make in Your Blender”. Which helps their customer to maintain a healthy life.

 Nutri Ninja

Nutri Ninja/Ninja Kitchen is owned by worldwide renowned company Shark Ninja Operating LLC. It designs and manufactures cleaning and kitchen appliances. The company was founded in 1995 and now it is in Needham, Massachusetts. It has branches in Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, and China. It markets and sells its products through retailers and online worldwide.

This blender manufacturing brand maintains a specialty in producing high quality and innovative household appliances. These innovative appliances suit the lifestyle of modern busy people on the go.

The Ninja products are mere expensive as the other top-level blenders. But they are doing as regards the same job that the other so-called top-level manufacturers brand do.

Basically, they use plastic materials for making their blender component that gives it a little disadvantage. As plastics are break, get scratches or get cracks at ease. Yet, Nutri Ninja blenders are still steady, powerful, sturdy. Their high-quality products can perform almost all the tasks that the other competitors’ blenders can do.

 Nutri Bullet

In a word, we can say that Nurti Bullet is a ‘nutrition extractor rather than a blender. Because it transforms ordinary foods into extraordinary nutrition. This blender is designed to break down the cell walls of your vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and other superfoods. Their product can release, unleash the nutrients inside to convert fresh food into exceptional liquid fuel for your body. Nutri Bullet has incredible extraction abilities with its specialized blades, powerful motor and distinguished Bullet Cyclonic Action. Through this technology, it helps to deliver food into your body in an absorbable and a digestible form.

In the competitive world to remain competitive you need to get the most nutrition out of your food. And that’s why Nutri Bullet is one of the best blenders for you. Though it has some negative sides such as cups are smaller than others, it manufactures its product in compliance with the electrical standards of the US and Canada. And one should not use these products with any types of voltage converter device or adapter and shouldn’t use outside the US and Canada.

Magic Bullet

Magic Bullet is a simple and versatile kitchen tool takes up minimum counter space which has maximum speed. With its unique design and compact size it can make perfect smoothies, pureed soups, milkshakes, protein shakes and blend frozen fruit so easily on the go. Cyclonic action through which it performs a comprehensive arrangement of culinary: chopping blending,  whipping, grinding etc.

You can say the magic bullet is all in one work as a food processor, mixer and as well as blender. It is also quick and easy to use. It has dishwasher-safe attachments. Moreover, magic bullet appliances are easy to use and clean up. Overall magic bullet blender would be well worth the money and perfect appliance for modern world’s busy peoples. The people who want to get the most nutrition from fresh food and fruits can use Magic Bullets’ blender without any hesitation.

Final verdict:

Above all, we have tried to research the best blender brands and their pros and cons. So that consumer can pick the best blender from these blender brands. Hope through our research you would be benefited.

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