Protein shakes are the vital part of the structural components of your body to maintaining a healthy lifestyle especially while you are having an active lifestyle. At present protein shakes are defined as a ‘macronutrient‘. It is also building block of your body which has amino acid to break down in the body and fuels muscles. Protein shakes have so many importance in our busy life which strengthen us. As you are busy with your day’s life immensely need a quick path for getting sufficient nutrition to stay active long-day and for this; you need simply the best blender for protein shakes.


However, it boosts your immune system keeps full longer which helps you in losing weight to remain healthy, lessen fat with a combination of low calories, build muscle mass etc. Overall you can call protein shakes to drink nutritionally balanced diet which offers an efficient way of getting adequate amounts of the vital substances in daily life. Now you would be puzzled to pick up the best blender for protein shakes.

Not to worry, with constructive research, we should like to give you a realistic solution through which you can pick the best blender for protein shakes according to your need. Henceforth taken various facts including price, durability, size, and warranty into consideration we have chosen the best blender for protein shakes. It is based on product quality, price and most importantly user’s experiences. The following products are the best blender for protein shakes nowadays, so let’s observe these take decision afterword:

Nutri Ninja protein shakes (BL456) with 900 Watt

Nutri Ninja Pro Personal Blender with 900 Watt Bas and Vitamin and with 18-and 24-Ounce Cups (BL456)Nutrient Extraction best blender for protein shakes

If you want a simple but powerful protein shakes blender Nutri Ninja Pro will be the perfect one with its 900 watts and 24-ounce jar capacity. It is a popular personal protein shakes blender with a 24oz jar and an 18oz jar which comes with flip top lids.

We generally like our protein shakes enriched with nutrients, vitamins, and phytochemicals from fruits and vegetables; point on that BL456 cuts through these toughest ingredients pulverizing them in seconds with its extractor blades.

Key specifications

  • Product Dimension-6×6×14 inches
  • Weight- 7.28 pounds
  • Color – Silver
  • Item model number – BL456
  • Batteries – 1 Lithium ion batteries required

Positive sides

  • It is versatile with the high working ability
  • Reasonable price
  • BPA free and dishwasher safe parts
  • Easy to clean
  • Makes quick work even in chopping frozen fruit, ice etc.
  • Excellent reviews and rating scale
  • Made of durable plastic

Negative Sides

  • you have to hold the jar down during blending
  • It sounds much
  • No recipe book (based on customer reviews)

Why would you buy: It is a good choice and best blender for protein shakes in terms of price.

Summary of Customer reviews:

We have researched around 1500 customer’s reviews through which we have found that maximum consumer are highly satisfied with Nutri Ninja Proprotein shakes blenders performance.


Product packaging and material information may vary from the website in terms of product description, allergen, country origin, and other information. You should look over warnings, labels, directions etc. provided with the product before using. For further information about the product, contact the manufacturer.

Overall Opinion:

Nutri Ninja Pro is simply a small powerful personal blender which has around 1000’s of strongly positive reviews with a very high overall rating scale and of course with few negative reviews (based on analysis). You can also use it as a portable accessory. In comparison, it is priced less than other popular blander like Nutri Bullet NBR-1201, Magic Bullet Blender but has more power. It will be a perfect choice with some limitations for a small family as well as a single person. Overall, well worth the money for a quality blender.

Oster My Blend – Price Worthy to Pick

Oster BLSTPB WBL My Blend 250 best blender for protein shakes

The Oster My Blender is another best blender for protein shakes at present. It is a basic 250-watt personal sized blender with a jar that doubles as a serving jar or water bottle which is designed to fit our active fast-paced lifestyle. It works great for blending simple protein shakes. If you are considering purchasing a portable blender than it is the perfect one.

You can blend your protein shakes directly into your sports bottle that will reduce your mess and cleanup work. My Blend sports bottle has a lid with a carry hook which makes it easy to take with you to keep water or other beverage for your use throughout the day.

Key specifications

  • Product Dimension: 15.25″ x 5″ x 5″ inches
  • Cord length:16″
  • Weight- 7.75 pounds
  • Color: Blue Available in five colors ( black, platinum, brushed stainless, red)
  • Item model number –
  • Batteries –

Positive sides

  • Instruction manual with several recipes (even in 3/4 languages)
  • Machine is sturdy
  • 20-ounce BPA free and dishwasher-safe plastic jar
  • Positive feedback around 3000 reviews out of 4000
  • Good at grinding coffee beans and making margaritas

Negative Sides

  • Moderately quite in that sense, it’s loud but quieter than full-size blenders
  • Sometimes it struggles with ice (based on reviews)
  • For some particular products, the inner seal on the blade can leak (based on reviews)

How to use:

It is easy to use. Simply fill the jar with protein shakes ingredients, screw on the bladed lid, line up the arrows on the lid and base then blend. At first, it will be better if you blend for 30 seconds, take the cup off and shakes 2/3 times and blend for another 10-20 seconds. It will not overheat.

Overall Opinion:

The Oster My Blender has a small engine; we would better easily on it. It doesn’t have an on/off switch rather than it is quick, convenient one-touch blender. If you are looking for a portable blender to purchase, this product will not disappoint. In addition, it is offered in a variety of colors and has a recipe book included in the manual.

Vitamix 5200-One of the best professional blender for protein shakes

Vitamix 5200 best Blender for protein shakes Professional Grade

Vitamix 5200 can make a wide range of foods like bread dough, nut butter, flour, food pureed whipped cream, drinks all types of sauces and what not! Its high amounts of power will guarantee you to get the best quality smoothies daily at the same time the included fan will keep the machine cool. Many professional chefs used it and ranked at the top in terms of different blending test. It runs a bit more quietly has a shorter carafe, wider blade, and wider base so it blends more efficiently.

Key Specification

  • 2 horsepower motor
  • Available in five colors ( black, platinum, brushed stainless, red)
  • Base is 7.25 wide × 8.75 deep; weight 10.5 lbs, 20.2 tall.
  • 64 oz container with soft grip and classic tamper.
  • Made in the USA with a Swedish motor
  • 5-year warranty

Positive sides 

  •  Simple rather than frills design
  •  With its variable speed, it works excellent on the go.
  •   Recipe book, cookbook. ( by which user  learn how to make different delicious food)
  • DVD and started guide
  • The price is reasonable and worthy to pay
  • Easy to operate and clean it
  • Long time stable

Negative Sides

  • It is noisier than contemporary blenders
  • Used plastic instead of rubber
  •  It is heavy to move, you can’t  use it as a portable appliance

Overall opinion:

Simply it will give you the best all-around performance with most uses. This is powerful enough to make easy work of green smoothies, simple baby food and to make puree anything like row, uncooked vegetables. It blends the hot items along with the cold. For cleaning this blender just add some water with a drop of dish wash liquid and blend for a while, it will be totally clean. It is price worthy appliance in terms of the best blender for protein shakes.

Cuisinart CP3- 300, best protein shake mixer

Cuisinart CPB 300 350 Watt BPA best blender for protein shakes

The Cuisinart CP3- 300 is one of the best blenders for protein shakes considering by not only lower price but also high quality and a real timesaver. It comes from a trusted and reputed brand. Altogether a very neatly designed product which you can call a compact portable powerhouse blender. This is a high-quality personal blender with its performance.

Key specification:

  • 350- watt powerful motor
  • Weight 6.55 pounds
  • Dimension- 10.1×15.8×10 inches
  • Color- black
  • It has 2-speeds + pulse
  • Three ear warrant
  • Manufacturer- Cuisinart
  • It carries on  BPA- free blender jar (32-oz), copping cup (8-oz), travel cups
  • It has two interchangeable stainless steel blades with  high quality

Positive Sides

  • Using electronic touchpad with LED indicator lights by which users can understand using speeds.
  • The blender also includes safety interlock and auto stop feature
  • Lid, blades, and pitcher are dishwasher safe
  • Easy to clean and operator it.
  • Delicious recipe book by which user can learn how to make (users will be beneficiary with its) various delicious recipes.
  • Slip-proof feet
  • Cord storage
  • Price is comparatively convenient in terms of quality
  • Looks nice and fairly classy sitting on the counter.

Negative Sides

  • The blender doesn’t crush big chunks of ice properly
  • It’s loud but quieter than Magic Bullet
  • The cups are too small

Overall opinion:

Cuisinart CP3- 300 blender carries standard rating status 4.0 out of 5 stars with a huge range of customer reviews which is around 1900 that helps a buyer to take proper decision for buying an excellent protein shakes blender. We have tried to study maximum reviews and we can see that reviews are good as well as bad but maximum are good and they are satisfied by using it.

NutriBullet NBR 1201: Blender & mixer combo

NutriBullet NBR 1201 12 Piece High Speed best blender for protein shakes

NutriBullet NBR 12-Piece Hi-Speed Blender/Mixer System by is an upgraded and powerful technological accessory from Magic Bullet. Its nutrient extractors break down nuts, fruits, seeds, and other solid food into most digestible and absorbable state which allows you to receive the highest degree of nutrition. This product receives a huge range of customer reviews which is around 7500; most of the reviews indicate strong positive sides. It is the best personal blender for protein shakes that can not only make protein shakes but also prepare a huge range of healthy smoothies. NutriBullet 600 watt would be the perfect choice for you and your family.

12-Piece Set Includes

  • One Extractor Blade
  • High-torque Power Base
  • Milling Blade
  • 1 Tall Cup and 2 Short Cups
  • Handled Lip Ring and Regular Lip Ring
  • 2 Stay-fresh Resealable Lids
  • Pocket Nutritionist

Key Specifications

  • UL Listed
  • Cracks through fibrous stalks rip apart pulp, bursts open seeds and breaks down even the toughest ingredients easily to unlock the vital nutrition.
  • Made in China
  • Wattage Output: 600 Watts
  • Number of Speeds: 1
  • Capacity (volume): 3 Cups
  • Appliance Capabilities: Blends, Shredder, Chops, Grinds
  • Material: Plastic
  • Base Dimensions & Weight : 5.375″ Diameter x 8″ Height & 3.6 lbs

Positive Sides

  • Exclusive cyclonic action
  • Portable
  • Specialized stainless steel blades.
  • Dishwasher and BPA-free containers though made of polycarbonate.
  • Doesn’t overheat
  • User manual & recipe book
  • Safe for kids

Negative Sides:

  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Sometimes it leaks during blending (based on customer review)
  • More expensive than other simple personal blenders.

Overall opinion:

Simply The NutriBullet NBR system is quite the best product with its excellent extractor technology. You can call it original nutrient extractor which transforms ordinary foods into extraordinary nutrition. It only takes a couple of seconds to prepare protein shakes, smoothies etc. and seconds to clean up. We can assure you it will be the best blender for protein shakes for you on the go.

Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher, The best blender for protein shakes with multi-Function

Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Multi Function best Blender for protein shakes with 14 Speeds










Hamilton Beach Blenders are the most popular among the small kitchen appliances in the blenders’ world. As a Multi-function blender no matter what you want to make- protein shakes, milkshakes, smoothies or frozen drink. This blender is enriched with the wave-action system which ensures perfect smooth drink every time by forces mixture down into the blades. On the other hand generally, ordinary blenders spin ingredient around the walls of the jar which can leave a lot of chunks untouched by the blade. The 40-ounce glass jar is perfect for making juices, shakes etc for the entire family. And with its strong motor power, it can crush ingredients Quickly.  This blender has cord storage which makes it easy to put away.

Key specification:

  • 700 Watts peak power
  • 40 Ounce glass jar
  • Powerful ice saber blades (patented) for ice crushing
  • Cord storage
  • Durable motor and others part
  • Product dimension 11*9*13.8 inches
  • Product weight 7.46 pounds
  • It has a standard 110 voltage (U.S)

Positive Sides

  • 14 blending function which adds flexibility
  • Powerful motor
  • 40-pound thermal shock resistant jar
  • Dishwasher safe lid, jar, and blades
  • Backed 3-year warranty
  • Two different pulse settings
  • Very easy to clean-up with a self-cleaning button

Negative sides:

  • Jar is glass and quite heavy
  • It is loud but comparatively less than other
  • Certain products do not chop ice the way it says.
  • It doesn’t have a recipe book

Overall Opinion :

This blender performs great in chopping ice, blending purees etc with its plenty of power and at the same time, it is a beautiful kitchen appliance to the eye as well.

Magic Bullet Baby Bullet-the best protein shakes blender for babies

Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System best blender for protein shakes

Magic Bullet Baby Bullet is an attractive appliance with its’ smiley face and tiny size. This baby food blender comes with six date-dial storage cups so that you won’t be confused about the date you made food.

Positive Sides

  • cute and compact
  • Fantastic storage containers
  • Useful handbook with simple techniques for making baby food.
  • Inescapable Baby Bullet steamer
  • Excellent customer services ( based on customer review)
  • Simple to use
  • Easy to clean on the go.

Negative Sides

  • Has difficulties in blending hot foods, Butter not do it.
  • Cheap plastic ( based on customer review)

Overall Opinion :

This baby food blender provides great pieces of information to parents especially for the first time parent with its excellent recipe book. To avoid burning up the blender motor; better you don’t blend for a long because it begins hot in a few seconds. Overall it is a price worthy Baby Food Processing Appliance.

 RX  N17-1001 Nutri bullet for protein shakes

Magic Bullet NutriBullet Rx N17 best blender for protein shakes

The NutriBullet RX is scientifically advanced smart technology associated with 1700 watt power motor, turbo extractor blades and exclusive cyclonic action to break down the cell walls of the foods making nutrients bioavailable on the go. It is pre-programmed to turn at the right RPM, to stop at exactly the right intervals. You don’t have to hold when blending; just start it, it will stop itself. An innovative heating function allows you to make a healthy meal like soup, sauces and also baby food.

Key specification:

  • Hands-free technology
  • Featuring a 7-minute heating Cycle.
  • Providing single servings and family-sized servings.
  • 2 horsepower motor
  • High torque power base.
  • Product dimension: 15.2 × 15.2 × 13.1 inches.
  • Weight: 15.95 pounds

Positive Sides:

  • Blade Remover
  • Useful recipe book and user guide
  • Super blast pitcher lid with 2-piece lid
  • Equipped with smart technology

Negatives Sides:

  • It is loud
  • In terms of particular product rubber coming loose after removing the blade

Overall Opinion: This Nutri Bullet blender is the best blender for protein shakes with its’ modern technology.

Key features to look into in the best blender for protein shakes:

Before buying a blender you should go through or look into the vital key features.  Though budget could be your main and primary concern and at the same time, you would also think that a blender with the handsome budget can provide you the best performance.  In reality, it is not like that and through our research, we can assure you that you can get the best quality blend within your budget and according to your need. Before finalizing you must look at the following features :

  • Ice crushing ability
  • Power of the motor
  • Size of jar or cup
  • Capacity of the jar
  • Weight of the blender
  • Settings

Hope our findings will help you to find the best blender for protein shakes; which one you exactly wanted.

Some questions asked frequently :

Are the jar made of glass?

* Maximum jar made of plastic and few are made of glass.

Would this type of blender work for smoothies too?

* Try on it. Won’t regret.

Can it blend ice?

* Yes, sure. But I would like to give just a tip that if you having trouble while blending take the blades off and shake a bit; it would be fine.

Are the blades stainless steel?

* Generally most of the brand use stainless steel, some can be different.

What it BPA free and dishwasher safe?

* Yes, absolutely

Cleaning and maintenance :

Cleaning and maintenance are a crucial part of using a blender. But you need not worry at all as all the blenders easy to clean- up and maintain. Because maximum blender is BPA free and dishwasher-safe. Attach and detach process are also easy. You need to drop a couple of dishwashers and blend it; it will be clean smoothly.  In addition, to clean the base, part use a damp cloth. But you should be careful while cleaning the blades because it sharp so be nice, slow and gentle.

Utmost Verdict :

Buying the best blender for protein shakes is not an easy handwork as you have to be concerned about a lot of issues. But the first and must consideration should be the use of type whether you are to use professionally your personally. This first step will make your next step easier to choose the best one for you and then you can go through our researched indicators or guidelines for your further help. Hope you will find the best protein shakes blender from our list and put an order by today. At last, we encourage you to save your time and penny by not researching other and pick up the best protein shakes blender for you and your family profession.

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