In recent times there is a wide range of blenders to choose from. It is overwhelming that amount of information, advice, choices, and brands are huge but at the same time, no wonders you might be feeling confused already. It’s getting harder to decide which one you choose whereas choices are more. Moreover how to choose a blender; is kind of maze.

Generally, How to choose a blender

When we decide to buy any kinds of blenders, we try to get the best one. In that case, you should choose such a blender that can fulfill your purpose properly, serve longtime service without any kinds of harassment than you can call it the best blender.

Before purchasing a blender if you face such kind of questions that is how can I choose the best one then you should emphasize on some specific criteria about blender. Hope that if you consider the points remarked below in choosing your blender then you could get the best blender:

Blending Control and High Speed:

Control over the blending process depends on blending speeds. More speeds more control. High speeds deliver better texture for your smoothies, Green smoothies and protein shakes and reduce the chances of finding ingredients at the bottom for your jar. It also allows you to blend frozen other tough ingredients with no icy chunks as they have the power to crush ice. Top rated blender brand have high power motors or engine which produce high speeds to deliver smoother textures in your drinks. On the other hand, weaker blenders might give less impressive results with its small motors.

Solid Bare or Base of the blender:

Most of the blenders vibrate quite a lot of while it’s working.  A heavy and solid base is more stable than the weaker one.

Speed Settings:

Through speed setting, you can enjoy blending your ingredients to get the desired consistency and texture.


Blenders could be used for different purposes like making protein shakes, Smoothies,  Frozen drinks, Salas, Dry blending, Hummus, Hot soups, Nut, and Sorbets. Top- end blenders or restaurant grade blenders can do all these tasks very smoothly with good results. On the contrary, low-end or mid-level blenders couldn’t make nut butter or sorbet according to your choice and may perform different types of blending task with variable results.

Before buying your blender think the issue that high- power blenders will be able to do the most difficult task while a low -power blender may only be good for smoothies and especially what would you like to do with your blenders.

Easy to clean up:

If you need to clean your blender more often or find difficulty to clean probably you wouldn’t like to use it more and think of having another better. It will be smart thinking if you choose dishwasher safe jar blender that you don’t need the hand wash or dismantle to clean. The easy and quick way to clean is putting hot water with a couple of dropping dishwasher to the container and let’s run it for around one minute, it will be cleaned totally.

Warranty Period:

A quality of warranty time is a key indicator of how long it can give service and how long your blender will last. A long warranty can save you from expensive repairs later on. The top rated blender like Vitamix and Blendtec offer much longer warranty time- 7 years for Vitamix and 3 years for Blendtec. Most of the blender company offer a 1-year warranty. Being said that you can find some mid-level blenders like Oster versa brand with 7 years warranty. In general, though blenders with long-term warranty are more expensive they last longer.  In the long term, long-term warranty helps you end up in saving money.

What  type of Material of the Jar (Pitcher):

Durability, Safetiness, Efficiency etc depends on what type of materials such as plastic, glass or stainless steel are made of. In the process of producing the blender if there use any harmful elements which are detrimental to health. It will be better if the blender is BPA free.


Usually low- quality blenders get damaged and shabby as a result of much use. Buying a higher end blender would be sagacity as they provide service for quite a long time as good as like new one.

Accessories and Attachments:

A few blenders have temper system to move ingredients inside the pitcher and blend perfectly. But actually, we found it that it’s just a way to operates and to clean afterward.  You can also use blender’s pulse button to get the same result.

Auto IQ Technology:

The world is changing and with that technology is also changing constantly. A new technology has recently emerged called Auto IQ  Technology. One of the best blender Nutri Ninja is using this new technology in their new blenders. Through this technology, one can blend the toughest ingredients perfectly and hands-free. Auto IQ uses a present feature that first pulse the ingredients you have selected for your protein shakes

Motor Power:

The power of the motor depends on the type of usage. For making protein shakes or green smoothies moderate power will be exact or if you want to crush ice then power should be comparatively high.


In choosing a blender, size should be chosen according to your necessity.


Hope you would found constituent information before choosing the best blender for your daily use.

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