Simply this wonderful appliance which is essential in your fast-paced lifestyle will be the best part of your everyday life. As we use blender almost every day, we should know how to use and operate a blender properly.

Firstly this article provides you with the overall idea of how to use and operate a blender and then the sequential process.

Blender is such a tool that is ideal for protein shakes, smoothies, mixing cake batter, making salsa, bending baby food and so on. It is a time saver appliance compared to hand blending or other techniques; moreover, it works easily and quickly. And this versatility of your blender depends on its power, blade, design & type, features etc.

Before start using a blender you should know about the product information whether it is able to crush ice, frozen fruit, nut etc. or has extended food processing functions. Now the sequential process of using a blender is presented below for your help.

Subjugate the basics on how to use a blender:

Blender brandMake sure your blender is clean, perfect for start working and of course plugged in. If it looks like it’s in okay condition, it’s probably safe to use. Now you can work with it. Put your ingredients inside and it all goes in there, pretty much however you want. It’s a good idea to get a little liquid near the bottom to get everything perfectly blending. Without sufficient water, the solid stuff doesn’t move around very easily.

You’ll need a little bit of liquid if you’re blending ice- to get it going. The ice floats in water, letting the blades do their thing. No water and the ice will just wedge itself against the sides, slowly melting.

At this stage close the lid and hold the cover tightly. You can leave your blender going, remove the feeder cap, and add in a few more things if you’d like. But other than that, it will be best to leave the lid on otherwise you might end up with blender go on your walls.

If your blender doesn’t start, make sure the bottom of the blender is placed perfectly in the base. If the base and the blender aren’t placing accordingly, it can’t make the connection to start.

Now you can blend by choosing an appropriate speed setting depending on what you are blending. If you want a perfect consistency, simply higher the speed. If that doesn’t work, stop the blender, take off the lid, mix it up, and start again.
When you’re done open it up and pour it out. That’s it. You may need to clean the bottom or undo the blades to get it all out of there, especially if it’s thick.

We are trying to provide few general blender tips and what not to do with a blender which is essential in operating it:

General blender tips on how to use a blender:

⦁ Avoid running the blender longer than needed. How long you can go at a time it depends on how equipped it with overload protection.
⦁ Before starting operation place the jar on the unit accordingly.
⦁ While the blender is operating you should hold the lid.
⦁ The smallest amount of food can create quite a mess so use the lid in a proper way. So never operate the blender with the lid.
⦁ Liquid ingredients place first in the jar, followed by the rest of the ingredients.
⦁ It would be better if the veggies and food items cut into smaller portions to enable ingredients to circulate around the blade.
⦁ If your model is designed for blending hot liquid then start from the lowest speed. For escaping the steam leaves the lid cap off. Half of the jar fill with ingredients, allowing more room for expansion.
⦁ During hot liquids operation, you may need to use a hot pad while holding down the lid.

What not do with a blender:

⦁ Never put the blender base in water rather than after unplugging the tools wipe the exterior and any spills in the base with a damp cloth.
⦁ Process dough
⦁ Mash potatoes
⦁ Whip heavy cream & egg white etc.
⦁ Grind raw meats and hard veggies.

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